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One thought on “Top 10 Common PV Quality Defects - Part I

By on 21 March 2016

Evaluating and comparing the warranty coverage of each manufacturer can help assure you that your service and support needs will be covered in the unlikely event that a solar panel problem occurs post-installation. Manufacturers’ warranties are therefore an important complement to performance, quality, and durability metrics in assessing not only a panel manufacturer’s technical specifications, but also its business practices.

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Dricus is co-founder of the Sinovoltaics Group and Director at 3rd party PV Quality Assurance company Kisun Solar. Dricus has been working in the PV industry in China for 7 years. During his time in China he set up and managed a complete solar panel factory for a Canadian publicly listed company in Shanghai. Main interests are solar innovations, PV plant development and PV quality. Connect with Dricus on LinkedIn