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Samil Power

What is your quality experience with Samil Power inverters?
Everything about this solar inverter manufacturer seems to be well organized: Samil Power obtained certifications for over 10 countries, their service network in Europe is starting to get shaped and they sell their inverters for a sharp price..

With a relatively new solar inverter brand like this, one thing that stays unanswered is the actual user experience with Samil Power inverters.

Samil Power was founded in 2008 and is a manufacturer of grid tied solar inverters.

Samil Power is part of the Samil Group, which is a company from South Korea. The company was founded in Korea in 1992 and focuses on research & design, manufacture and sales of variable speed drives and lift controllers.
Therefore the technology used by Samil Power is partially developed in South Korea.

Samil Power is a fairly new solar inverter manufacturer, however with the help of substantial support from the Chinese government, Samil Power is able to make large investments in R&D.

Also Samil Power has its solar inverters certified worldwide, which gives them an advantage above other Chinese solar inverter manufacturers..

Samil-Power 10kw test installation


The grid tied solar inverters from Samil Power can be divided in 3 product groups: SolarRiver series, SolarLake series and SolarOcean series:

SolarRiver series

Designed for small and mid-range systems.
Power range is 1.5 – 5.0kw
Efficiency up to 97.6%,
5 years warranty

SolarLake series

Designed for medium / large size projects
Power range is 10 – 17kw
Efficiency up to 98%,
Two MPP inputs

SolarOcean series

Designed for large scale projects
Power range from 100kW to 500kW
DC input voltage up to 880 V



Samil Power SR-series

SolarArray Combiner

It connects a number of PV strings to the solar inverters.

SolarPower Manager

It can monitor the system’s operation, remote diagnostics and data acquisition. Customers can get real-time running status of the PV power system.

SolarEnvi Monitor

It can measure the sunlight level. You can build your own weather station for your solar power system.

Samil Power subsidiaries

The past year Samil Power has been steadily setting up sales offices abroad. Current sales offices can be found in Germany, Switzerland, Australia and China.

Samil Power’s R&D is entirely located in China and can be found in Wuxi and Shenzhen.

The factory is located in Suqian, China.


Samil Power currently offers 5 years warranty on its products. The warranty can be extended to 10 years.

In Europe service company BMK is responsible for the after-sales service.


Samil Power has gained certifications for a large number of countries, including: The Netherlands, Germany, Greece, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Belgium and Bulgaria.

Samil-Power-Kisun visit

Dricus visiting Samil Power

Future developments

As mentioned earlier, Samil Power is receiving extensive support from the local Chinese government. In China this means that the company is receiving support in terms of free lands, office buildings, cheap loans and tax cuts.

In combination with their Korean inverter technology, Samil Power is a solar inverter manufacturer that is expanding quickly and will be hard to stop by any European or US competitor: their technology is solid, after sales service is in place and their inverters are certified in a large number of countries.

Samil’s future plans are almost over ambitious. Let me mention the future plans that are actually scheduled to happen:

2011: New production facility in Suqian, China. The Samil production plant will host a hotel with swimming pool for its visiting guests.

2011: Expansion of their newly built sales office in Wuxi

2011: Expansion certificates (SL series will be finished by April 2011)

2011: Launch new product: the first 1GW solar inverter made in China.

Finally Samil Power is currently growing towards an IPO within 2 years from now. More to be heard from this ambitious solar inverter company.

Anyone likes to share its experiences about Samil Power?

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7 Responses

  • What about Samil power’s service network in UK?
    Is it established or do they coordinate service from China?


  • Andrew says:

    Have just had a Samil River 2.2kw inverter installed today in Aust. Will give feedback once we see how the system performs

  • Andrew says:

    System is up and running fine. No problems at all. The roof is not perfetly north facing so we seem to peak around 1045w.Gets sun from around 7am till 2pm. May have to look at another array on the other side of the roof to capture the afternoon sun better.
    But all in all the inverter seems to be very good. Looks good, well built and the digital read out on the front gives you all the info you might need. I am now going to try and track down some software for it and will log the output.

    • Les says:

      Hi Andrew, I have just had a 3kW samil system installed (VIc, Aust) and I too would like to monitor it. The best price for the system monitor I can get is $610 USD + Customs charges. If you find suitable software would you let me know please?

  • Colin says:

    You have a 2.2kw inverter but your peak output is a little over 1 kw. How many panels did you have installed and what size are they???

  • karthikeyan.m says:

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    i have promot our business in solar products. so i want solar inverter & solar panel or any other solar product .

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