What is PV CYCLE?

PV CYCLE is a European Association for voluntary take back and recovering of photovoltaic modules with main offices in the Renewable Energy House in Brussels, Belgium. The history of the association dates back to the release of the first publications on waste treatment, WEEE, life cycle issues and voluntary take back systems in 2003, along with the publication of the Ökopol Study on waste treatment of modules in the same year. The Ökopol Study was the first of its kind to address the issue of waste management in the PV Industry. Following several workshops on this issue, the PV Cycle Initiative started in 2005, which aimed at creating a scheme to institutionalize receycling in the PV industry. Two years later, PV Cycle Association (in short: PV Cycle) was founded on 5 July 2007, with the objective to implement receycling schemes and programes for the treatment of all kinds of end-of-life-cycle photovoltaic modules.

In this regard, PV Cycle aims at creating a voluntary, completely green and sustainable industry-wide take-back and receycling programme within the value chain of the solar industry, by incorporating the issues of waste management, post-usage treatment as well as re-usage and thus saving scarce and capital- as well as energy-intense raw material. Membership at PV Cycle – which is liable on fees – is highly prestigious for manufacturers to give their brands a green touch, which is particularly attractive within the markets of the European Union and increasingly also in East Asia. However, the receycling scheme itself is to-date only applicable in the EU and EFTA countries. The association has by end of 2011 more than 220 member companies.


Joining PV CYCLE: fee structure

Participation in PV CYCLE is voluntary, yet liable to fees. These fees are used to finance the receycling scheme as well as to keep PV CYCLE and its staff operational. The fee structures as of 2010 are:

Membership Categories Turnover/ Revenue in Europe in the previous calendar year Annual fees (2010)
I over 200 Mio. EUR/ year 25, 000 EUR
II 100 to 199 Mio. EUR/ year 20,000 EUR
III 50 to 99 Mio. EUR/ year 10,000 EUR
IV below 50 Mio. EUR/ year 5,000 EUR
Associate Member
Associations and
research institutes
1,000 EUR
Wholesalers, distributors, project developers, system integrators, electrical installation contractors as well as cell manufacturers 5,000 EUR


Where can I get more information on PV CYCLE and its PV module receycling scheme?

The study on The Development of a Take Back and Recovery System for Photovoltaic Products published in November 2007 outlines in full detail the whole scheme and can be found here.

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