Top12 Strategies for the Successful Solar Module Buyer

Proven procurement strategies, including:

  • Common misconceptions about PV Warranty
  • The major solar module defects to avoid
  • Certifications and common pitfalls
  • Background checks and financials verification of manufacturers
  • Which insurance products add value
  • Real experiences from a decade of procuring solar modules from Asia
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Top12 Strategies for the Successful Solar Module Buyer


PV Module Manufacturer Ranking Report

Which PV Module Manufacturers are Financially Strongest and which ones are close to Bankrupcty?

  • 75+ PV module manufacturers ranked
  • Asia, EU and US manufacturers
  • PV module manufacturers ranked according to their financial strength
  • Quarterly updates
  • Bankruptcy predictability scores for PV manufacturers
  • Close to bankruptcy? Find out which manufacturers will honour their warranty promise!

$ 599,- 

Comprehensive Guide to Solar PV Module Certifications

2016 Edition

  • International Quality and Safety Standards for solar modules
  • Development of New Quality and Safety Standards
  • National quality and safety standard requirements from A – Australia to U – Uganda

  • Critical analysis on the relationship between PV certifications and Solar Module Quality

  • Understand the Major Lab Tests for smooth certification testing

  • Practical insights into the Solar Module Certification Process

  • 300+ pages: the first, and only Complete Guide on solar panel certifications

  • Discover the typical reasons why manufacturers Fail the PV Certification Process

  • Discover the major Certification Bodies, their roles and limitations in the PV industry

  • Pick the latest certification standards that will give your business an advantage in the industry

  • Exclusive Expert Interviews

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