North America Solar Supply Chain Map Q2 2024

June 1, 2024

The Sinovoltaics Supply Chain Map (SSCM) - North America for Q2 2024 includes several notable changes for the US solar market since our Q1 report, emphasizing the importance of supply chain traceability.

  • Several new solar panel manufacturers and related PV factories have been added. These include Ascent Solar, Astronergy, Boway Alloy, Runergy, Caelux, Great Lakes Solex, Nano PV, Prism Solar, Solaria, and Ubiquity Solar.

  • Capacity reductions. CubicPV has halted its plans to build a US solar silicon wafer and will now focus on tandem/perovskite modules. REC Silicon has also announced that it will shut down its polysilicon plant in Butte, Montana.

  • Capacity expansion totals. SSCM - North America for Q2 shows a total of 42 GW of module production capacity spread throughout Mexico, Canada, and the USA. These manufacturers are now forecasting an expansion of 84 GW in the coming 3 - 6 years, to manage this growth and meet the rising demand for solar energy.

  • Cell production is still a constraint. Although North American manufacturers are making great strides in increasing cell production from 8 GW to 55 GW by 2027/30 and wafer production from 3.2 GW to 24.5 GW by 2027/30, current capacity remains the Achilles heel of the market. With CubicPV scrapping its 10 GW silicon wafer plans along with REC shutting down its Butte, Montana facilities, the U.S. market is waiting to see which companies—if any-- will pick up that slack.

  • Polysilicon production is also constrained. The main polysilicon suppliers in North America are now REC Silicon, Hemlock Semiconductor, Wacker Mississippi Silicon, and HPQ Silicon with an estimated total of 155,000 metric tons of production capacity. As we have mentioned with REC Silicon, investments and expansions are being delayed or canceled due to the volatility of domestic polysilicon prices, further underscoring the need for effective supply chain traceability.

For more detailed PV insights and analysis of the North American solar market, including emerging trends and future projections, refer to the full Q2 2024 Sinovoltaics Solar Supply Chain Map report.

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North America Solar Supply Chain Map Q2 2024

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