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Insurance for solar energy projects

Sinovoltaics is delighted to be working with the leading insurance companies in the solar energy industry. 

Solar farm developers that have their solar modules inspected by Sinovoltaics can become eligible to have their solar energy project insured.

What is Quality Pass Insurance?

With the solar energy industry maturing, insurance companies are becoming familiar with the reliability of solar energy farms and.. its potential setbacks. There is now 10+ years of data available on warranty claims and returns in the solar energy industry, which has triggered insurance companies to seek for more insights on what exactly is being insured. 

The quality of the PV components, the engine behind the ROI of any project, is essence  for a 100% functioning solar farm. Quality is key, and insurance companies are now willing to insure solar energy projects based on the approved quality of solar modules.

What insurance products are available?

  • Marine / cargo 
  • Construction all risk
  • Operational all risk
  • Inherent defect coverage
  • PV Performance Warranty insurance
  • PV Performance Guarantee insurance

Who can benefit from insurance for solar energy projects?

  • Solar investors / asset owners
  • Banks / lenders
  • PV manufacturers
  • Solar project developers
  • EPC contractors 

What are your benefits implementing ZERO RISK SOLAR?
Entrusting Sinovoltaics with the quality assurance of your PV components - your benefits:

  • 100% independent from suppliers and manufacturers
  • PV component-specialized quality engineers
  • comprehensive quality testing with strict attention to detail
  • apply our proprietary quality standards and inspection techniques
  • detailed, confidential and fast inspection reporting

Disclaimer: Sinovoltaics is not an insurer nor insurance broker

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PV Insurance scope

  • Marine / cargo 
  • Construction all risk
  • Operational all risk

  • Inherent defect coverage
  • PV Performance warranty insurance
  • PV Performance guarantee insurance

Assuring solar PV and energy storage quality on-site in Asia-Pacific for over 10 years...

Since 2009, our solar PV and energy storage quality engineering and audit team have helped companies worldwide assure the quality of their purchases in Asia.

Sinovoltaics is proud to work with the leading solar farm developers, financiers, and insurers in the solar energy industry in over 40 countries. 

Headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in Shanghai and Hanoi and local quality inspection and audit teams in India, South Korea, Thailand, and Turkey, we are strategically located close to all solar PV component and energy storage manufacturing bases and shipping ports in Asia.

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