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PV Factories Audited

Are you working with a World Class PV & Energy Storage factory?

For a factory to be World-Class, there are dozens of requirements that need to be in place. These requirements relate to product quality, reliability, and compliance with various technology, safety, and environmental standards.

Full insight can be gained with a PV factory audit. Our accredited and PV-specialized auditors perform thorough technical due diligence on prospective suppliers to prevent incorrect and costly decisions.

The benefits of entrusting us with a PV factory audit include:

  • 100% independence from suppliers and manufacturers
  • in-depth quality management systems (QMS) implementation and health, safety & environment (HSE) compliance verification
  • comprehensive insights about factory structure and manufacturing processes
  • in-depth production and product technology review
  • assessment of financial background and operations economics
  • detailed, confidential, and on-time audit report
  • experienced auditors with an extensive background in PV factory operations management

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What are the benefits of implementing Zero Risk Solar®?

Entrusting Sinovoltaics with auditing your PV factories provides the following benefits:

  • Accredited and PV-specialized auditors
  • 100% independent from suppliers and manufacturers
  • proprietary and PV component-specific audit procedures
  • comprehensive Sinovoltaics Factory Scorecards for comparative factory benchmarking
  • detailed, confidential, and fast audit reports

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Factory Audit Expertise

  • PV module factory
  • Inverter factory
  • Transformer factory

  • BOS component (mounting structure/ cable) factory
  • Solar cell factory
  • Battery factory

Over 150 Solar PV Factories Audited

Since 2009, Sinovoltaics has audited over 200 solar PV and energy storage (battery cells and packs) factories across Asia.

Our solar PV and energy storage quality engineering and audit team auditors are accredited with the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) proud to provide comprehensive and insightful assessments of prospective suppliers by using their extensive experience in PV factory operations management in Asia.  

Headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in Shanghai and Hanoi and local quality inspection and audit teams in India, South Korea, Thailand, and Turkey, we are strategically located close to all solar PV component and energy storage manufacturing bases and shipping ports in Asia.

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