Welcome to SINOVOLTAICS – Your Trusted Advisory Platform for Solar Energy Technology in and from Asia..


Sinovoltaics is a goldmine of information about everything that is good, bad and ugly about the solar industry in Asia”.
— Rory – Owner, solar wholesale distributor, Australia

“Niclas & Dricus have been in the pv industry in China for close to a decade and helped me solve difficult quality issues on-site at the factory in China multiple times”.
— Jens – Founder, A. Solar, Belgium

Our guys on the ground in China, PERIOD!”
— T. C. – General Manager, Top3 solar installation company, Australia

“My team on-site in Asia: always the latest innovations and strictly the best quality PV products. Keep up the good work. Thanks!”
— Marcel – Owner, Top5 installation company, Netherlands

SINOVOLTAICS is a unique solar technology, knowledge and community platform from passionate photovoltaics enthusiasts with rich, multifaceted professional experience of more than 15 years in the rapidly changing clean energy industry, comprising numerous successful solar projects and local market know-how spanning from the West to the South, Southeast and East of the heartbeat continent of global solar photovoltaics: Asia.


Team Sinovoltaics

Dricus de Rooij (“Dric”)

Niclas D. Weimar (“Nic”)


Let’s face it..

For solar energy to have an impact in this world, we need
MASSIVE change. Solar Energy IS the cleanest, most abundant source of energy available.

However to successfully harvest this abundant energy resource on a large scale is a different story..

Source: NREL

Some impressive facts in 2014:

Our goal at Sinovoltaics:

Accelerate the transition of solar energy by knowledge transfer and move solar energy from being a niche energy source into a mainstream energy source.

Knowledge transfer at Sinovoltaics is based on the following pillars:

  1. Technology innovation
  2. Quality / Reliability / Durability
  3. Cost optimization
  4. Tools
  5. Community Interaction

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Why choose Asia as topic base?

Asia is the heartbeat region of global PV manufacturing and China has been the largest manufacturing country in PV for 8 years in a row. However a lot of people in the PV industry are wondering:

Asia to remain the #1 manufacturing base for solar energy products?

At Sinovoltaics we believe there’s room for solar product manufacturing on any continent of this world.

Also, we predict that Asia will be the leading PV manufacturing continent for the years to come, with China as its PV manufacturing powerhouse.

Some facts to support this:

How’s solar panel quality for Asia made nowadays?

Since several years we’ve passed the point that solar energy products manufactured in Asia, and especially in China, were considered rubbish. In fact nowadays solar products manufactured by Asian companies can be just as good quality-wise as German or US made products.

However it’s important to exactly know what you’re buying..

Common questions that we hear are..

Dric & Nic started Sinovoltaics (previously Solarpanels-china.com) in 2010 to answer these questions. Thanks to you, our followers, our Blog has grown into a full time hobby (can’t call it a job really..).

We’ve met people from all over the world in the PV industry, travel from one place to the other, have been invited to speak at events and learn about new PV technologies and applications almost daily.


We both have the world’s largest PV hub as our home base and spend our working time all across Asia on exciting PV projects.

Both of us travel extensively in Asia. Still waiting for warp technology so we can say hello more often back home in Europe.


We’re not the only ones that you’ll find here, no no…

At Sinovoltaics we welcome you to join our insider community of solar energy enthusiasts.

We invite all Professionals who care about solar energy – from entrepreneurs, installers, distributors, financiers, manufacturers, to the guys working on the next big thing in their lab.

Most notably, our followers seem to enjoy our popular newsletter.

We hope all people who take pride in working in the industry, people who have a passion for solar energy and people who have a desire to contribute and create the innovations of tomorrow, will come here to join in our journey, challenge our ideas, and offer their own thoughts to a small community that cares about doing work that matters.

If you’d like to join our insiders community and learn how to take charge of solar then download our latest e-book and we’ll always inform you about our latest updates.

Are You Buying Solar Panels? Make sure to Avoid These Top10 Mistakes!

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