Sinovoltaics Supply Integrity Network to procure ethical PV and BESS components

Supply Integrity Network (SINe)

The Supply Integrity Network: Procure Ethical PV + BESS Components with Confidence

10+ Years

At the PV and BESS Factories in Asia

17.6+ GW

Zero Risk Solar® Projects




PV & BESS Factories Audited

The Supply Integrity Network (SINe) is a membership program for companies that require to procure ethical PV + BESS components

Our members are learning together to make sure they’re on top of the latest Best Practices when it comes to Traceability, Supply Chain Transparency and ESG.

Members enjoy the following benefits:

Regular updates:

  • Latest changes in legislation worldwide: USA, EU, and more
  • World map showing each country and their own Supply Chain Due Diligence (SCDD) law
  • Recommendations on how your company can position itself correctly.
  • Tap into a pool of experts

Requirements for joining:

  • Introductory call
  • PV + BESS utility scale developers, EPCs, financiers or insurers
  • Membership approval on case-by-case basis.

Fill out the form below to join the Supply Integrity Network (SINe) and to schedule an introductory call:

Assuring solar PV and energy storage quality on-site in Asia-Pacific for over 10 years...

Since 2009, our Solar PV and Battery Energy Storage quality engineering and audit team have helped companies worldwide assure the quality of their purchases in Asia.

Sinovoltaics is proud to work with the leading solar farm developers, financiers, and insurers in the solar PV and battery energy storage industry in over 45 countries. 

Headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh City and local quality inspection and audit teams in India, South Korea, Thailand, and Türkiye, we are strategically located close to all solar PV component and battery energy storage manufacturing bases and shipping ports in Asia.

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