Remove #1 Defect from your PV projects?

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AI Driven Electroluminescence (EL) Testing Software

for the removal of Micro Cracks from your PV projects

Micro cracks can seriously affect the performance of your solar power plant. 

How to avoid this #1 defect that affects performance?

Our solution: Sinovoltaics EL Mass Analysis (SELMA) software.

Remove 100% of serious micro-cracks from your PV shipments using AI driven Electroluminescence (EL) testing.

Advantages of EL Testing with SELMA:

  • Up to 99% accuracy 

  • High-speed analysis: avoid delays and easily keep up with the factory’s production speed

  • Trained with 10+ years of defect data

  • Accepted by all leading Tier 1 manufacturers

  • Identification and classification of up to 15 cell-inherent defect types

  • Improve silicon solar cell efficiency of your production and shipment

  • Replace defective solar modules at the factory prior to shipment

Who can benefit from EL image testing?

  • Developers PV projects
  • EPCs
  • Financiers
  • Insurers

What is Electroluminescence testing in solar?

Electroluminescence testing in solar is a technique that uses the light emission phenomenon of photovoltaic (PV) cells to detect defects and failures in solar modules. When a current is applied to a PV cell, it emits light in the infrared spectrum, which can be captured by a camera and analyzed to reveal the quality and performance of the cell.

What defects can be found in EL testing?

  • Micro-cracks
  • Broken cells
  • Bus bar contact defects
  • Missing or interrupted screen-printed fingers

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What do the market leaders have in common?

They prevent defects on a mass scale at the PV factories

Micro cracks

Electroluminescence (EL) Testing 

Review 100% of solar modules with our AI driven EL imaging software