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Solar farm inspections

Guarantee your solar farm ROI using our advanced testing equipment and measurement techniques worldwide, including autonomous DRONES.

Benefit from the latest techniques in solar farm inspections, and have our team process and analyze data collected by visual, thermal and electroluminescence imaging.


  • Autonomous drone inspections using thermal cameras
  • Electroluminesence (EL) imaging
  • I-V measurement (individual modules/ strings)
  • Data analytics & reporting
  • Warranty claim preparation


  • Maximize solar farm yield
  • Replace defective solar modules
  • Fast service (scan 10-20MWp/ day)
  • Latest (2019) measurement equipment
  • Worldwide service
  • High flexibility: our team can be on-site within maximum 144 hours - worldwide
  • Independent and confidential technical report with detailed documentation
  • Multinational inspection team specialized in solar farm inspections

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On-site thermal imaging at solar farm using drone

On-site thermal imaging using autonomous drones

On-site thermal imaging at solar farm using drone

On-site hotspot detection using autonomous drones

Solar farm inspection expertise

  • Visual inspection of components and connections
  • Infrared thermographic analysis
  • Electroluminescence imaging
  • Electrical safety tests
  • I-V measurement (individual modules and strings)

  • Component sealing check
  • Yield target-actual comparison
  • Design concept and standards compliance evaluation
  • Technical construction assessment
  • Documentation check

Over 600MW of solar farms inspected

Since 2009, Sinovoltaics has inspected over 600MW of solar PV farms worldwide. 

Benefit from our PV-specialized quality engineers and the latest inspection equipment available. 

Visit us at our offices in Shanghai or Hong Kong, or connect with our subsidiary in the USA.

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