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Your Solar Supply Network

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Management Team

Dricus de Rooij
Managing Director

Dricus is co-founder and Managing Director at Sinovoltaics Group “Your Solar Supply Network”, a solar technology company fully specialized in the Supply Chain Management and Quality Assurance of solar energy components.

He is based in Hong Kong and has been living in China for the past 9 years.

In the past he set up and managed two solar module factories in Shanghai, China for a Canadian publicly listed company.

Prior to setting up a solar module factory, Dricus founded Kisun Solar (, a company specialized in solar quality inspections across Asia.

Dricus is highly interested in solar energy innovations and was closely involved in the development and UL /IEC certification of world’s first non- glass solar module on the market.

Niclas D. Weimar

Quality Director

Niclas is co-founder of Sinovoltaics Group and Managing Partner at Kisun Solar, a subsidiary of Sinovoltaics Group specialized in solar PV Quality Assurance and Technical De-Risking of PV investments.

He is based in Shanghai and has been living in Asia for over 9 years, including Mainland China, India, Iran and Taiwan.

He is a solar quality specialist with extensive experience with manufacturers across Asia, and has advised distributors, project planners, investors and manufacturers worldwide on PV technology trends, quality and market conditions.

Niclas is highly interested in solar technology developments, solar rural electrification and related microfinance economics.

In the past Niclas worked on energy efficiency and rural electrification projects at UNIDO ITPO in Beijing and Grameen Shakti in Dhaka.

Our Services

Your Solar Supply Network

Access a large network of solar component suppliers, and benefit from guaranteed lowest pricing and our on-site quality assurance team in Asia.

PV Quality Assurance

European quality assurance and technical de-risking of PV investments - on-site at the PV factories in Asia.