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Dynamic Mechanical Load Testing for solar modules

Perform Dynamic Mechanical Load Testing on solar modules at our Accredited PV Laboratory.

What is the Dynamic Mechanical Load test?

Dynamic Mechanical Load tesis one of the Mechanical Load tests that are performed to check the reliability of produced solar modules and ensures it can withstand different forces and weather conditions. The different tests help simulate the different static and dynamic tests of weather conditions like wind and typhoons. Critical factors that affect strength is the size, thickness, treatment of the module top surface,   frame stability, mounting scheme and the mechanical reliability of soldered joints.

How is the Dynamic Mechanical Load (DML) test performed?

The effects of strong wind and other wind related natural disasters on solar modules are quite often overlooked and are becoming important factors in manufacturing of solar modules.

The Dynamic Mechanical Load test is a great tool for manufacturers to measure the wind resistance of solar modules. For  Dynamic Mechanical Load  testing, the tested module is horizontally mounted and connected to computer controlled vacuum cups which are placed on the surface of the solar module. The vacuum cups are programmed to exert push-pull forces on the module, so as to simulate strong wind effects. The force exerted is usually between 2,400 Pa and 5,000 Pa with 200 push-pull cycles.

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