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Hire our Battery Energy Storage specialised quality engineers on-site at the PV factories in Asia

10+ Years

At the PV and BESS Factories in Asia

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What are on-site Battery Energy Storage Quality inspections?

Our Quality Inspections allow you to detect and solve any defects during the manufacturing process of Battery Energy Storage components. Inspecting your Battery Energy Storage components prior to shipment offers great advantages:

  • Replacement of defect Battery Energy Storage components prior to shipment
  • Inspections on-site at the factories
  • Usage of advanced testing equipment
  • Certainty about quality before paying the supplier

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Are quality inspections necessary?

Manufacturers and suppliers face ongoing pressure to compete on price, producing and delivering their Battery Energy Storage components with razor-thin profit margins. Lower prices are good as long as your components are quality-engineered and assembled with premium components. 

Your battery specialists on-site at the factories in Asia

Sinovoltaics performs independent quality inspections on-site at the Battery Energy Storage factories in Asia, assuring the workmanship quality, constructional design conformity, structural integrity, performance, and electrical safety of Battery Energy Storage components.

What are the Battery Energy Storage specialized quality inspections available?

Sinovoltaics' PV & Battery Energy Storage component inspections can be conducted at all stages of the manufacturing process:

  • Production Monitoring
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection
  • Packing and Loading Supervision

What are the benefits of implementing Zero Risk Solar®
Entrusting Sinovoltaics with the quality assurance of your PV & Battery Energy Storage components - your benefits:

  • 100% independent from suppliers and manufacturers
  • Battery Energy Storage component-specialized quality engineers
  • Comprehensive quality testing with strict attention to detail
  • Proprietary quality standards and inspection techniques and procedures
  • Detailed, confidential, and fast inspection reporting

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Quality Inspection expertise

  • Battery Cells
  • Battery Modules
  • Battery Racks
  • BESS Housing

  • BMS
  • Integrated Cabinet BESS
  • Integrated Containerized BESS

Assuring PV & Energy Storage component quality on-site in Asia-Pacific for over 10 years...

Since 2009, our PV & Battery Energy Storage quality engineering team has helped companies worldwide assure the quality of their purchases in Asia.

Sinovoltaics is proud to work with the leading solar farm developers, financiers, and insurers in the solar PV and battery energy storage industry in over 45 countries. 

Visit us at our offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, or Ho Chi Minh City.

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