SNEC 2011 report


Before entering the exhibition hall of the 5th SNEC 2011, visitors were greeted by a large sun-tracking photovoltaic power system from the Zhejiang company Hichen New Energy which specializes in all kinds of solar power tracking systems.

Visitors had here prior to the exhibition the chance to discover – undisturbed by huge crowds of visitors – the advantages and benefits of Hichen’s sun-tracking solar PV systems and the different system sizes outside the exhibition center.

One of the first booths Sinovoltaics visited at the SNEC 2011 was the booth of the well-known Chinese PV module and system producer AstroEnergy. Apart from its popular monocrystalline and polycrystalline PV modules, AstroEnergy greeted all booth visitors with a very interesting design model of a totally solarfied company compound.

AstroEnergy is bound to expand its business activities to large scale electrification and solarfication projects for which this model served as nice glimpse to a greener and emission-free future. Large scale electrification projects on solar PV basis were definitely a big trend at SNEC 2011.

Another interesting booth was that of the Chinese company Samil Power, a manufacturer of grid-tied solar inverters. Main attractions were Samil Power’s solar inverters, but also other nice solar PV accessories like the SolarEnvi Monitor – an appliance that can precisely measure the sun radiation level – particularly gained the interest of the stall visitors.

Unfortunately, there was not much news and information regarding the planned first 1GW solar inverter project which according to the company shall be launched this year..

An interesting booth was that of Involar, which heavily promoted its micro-inverters. Involar’s micro-inverters were particularly interesting and do not only stand out for their sizing but also for their multifunctionality.

They are assembled with a device that is fully integrated into each individual module, converting DC to AC at the module level, with an independent MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) function.

KSTAR Science and Technology from Shenzhen exhibited its lineup of PV inverters and solar deep cycle batteries. A large part of KSTAR’s booth was used for displaying the company’s KSG inverter product line which stood out particularly due to their design and handling capacity of multiple electrical appliances.

The main trends of the 5th SNEC 2011 can be summarized as follows:
– large scale solar-based electrification projects to cover whole compounds or even towns
– small-sized systems
– solar tracking systems
– and nice solar robots…

About the author
Niclas is Chief Technology Officer at Sinovoltaics Group. Sinovoltaics Group assists PV developers, EPCs, utilities, financiers and insurance companies worldwide with the execution of ZERO RISK SOLAR projects - implemented by our multinational team of solar PV-specialized quality engineers and auditors on-site in Asia. Niclas has been living and working in Asia for over 10 years, including Mainland China, Taiwan, India and Iran. He is solar PV quality specialist with extensive experience with manufacturers in Asia and has before worked on clean energy projects at UNIDO and Grameen Shakti. Connect with Niclas on LinkedIn
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