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Data-Driven Prognostic Risk Mitigation for Solar Energy projects

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Sinovoltaics has designed and developed ZERO RISK SOLAR around the philosophy of market leaders who approach their solar PV projects from a perspective of Zero Risk. 

ZERO RISK SOLAR is data-driven prognostic risk mitigation that anchors on the foundation of quality-assured and insured, sharp-priced PV components from premium suppliers. 

ZERO RISK SOLAR projects produce the best ROI in the PV industry and the best practices can be applied to both existing and new projects

Sinovoltaics is proud to be serving the market leaders in the industry. From solar farm developers such as juwi and AES, to insurance companies like MunichRe and SolarIF, and national utilities such as Fortum and ENEL.

In 2019 we’ve entered a different stage in the PV industry, a stage where installed capacity worldwide exceeds 500 GW and where any developer can now benefit from the experience and best practices of the market leaders.

Historical performance data: re-assuring?

There is now 10+ years of extensive performance data available from projects worldwide. Financiers have become confident about the profitability and opportunities that surround solar energy projects.

And simultaneously, companies have started to realize that not every solar energy project lives up to its expectations..

In France alone, in 2018 over 20MW of solar modules have been recycled before they've reached their end-of-life. 


From our experience, it is 10-50 times more affordable to understand and mitigate risks from the start, instead of troubleshooting and repairing a solar energy project once underperformance is measured. Running after the facts is simply more costly.

How to implement ZERO RISK SOLAR?

Based on your detailed solar farm specifications, Sinovoltaics compiles a custom Risk Profile of your PV project. Tap into our 10+ years of historical data on performance and failures. This Risk Profile is created with the help of our data from on-site solar farm inspetions and PV component quality testing at the factories in Asia.

Fill out the form on the right and have us create your Custom Risk Profile.  Your risk profile is  offered for free, no strings attached.

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