AFNOR Certification (French Association for Standardization)

What is AFNOR Certification?

AFNOR Certification, a subsidiary of the AFNOR Group, is the first French evaluation and certification authority for systems, services and products, persons and compliance with regulations. AFNOR Certification is the official national standardization and certification body in France under the French Ministry of Industry.

AFNOR history

Originally established under the French Civil Code on 24 May 1926, AFNOR became in 2004 the merger of the Association française pour l'assurance de la qualité (French Association for Quality Assurance - AFAQ) and the Association française de normalisation (French Association for Standardization - AFNOR). [caption id="attachment_1925" align="aligncenter" width="471"]AFNOR certification AFNOR certification[/caption]

AFNOR global network

Its headquarters are located in Paris. AFNOR holds two major French marks which are AFAQ and NF and is a listed certification authority in various EU Directives for compliance evaluation with the CE mark. On an international level ADNOR participates in the definition of European standards (EN) and International standards (ISO and IEC). AFNOR Certification is internationally recognized and operates through over 40 offices worldwide. It has a global network of auditors, cooperating with manifold technical partners, large laboratories , technical centers and inspection bodies.

AFNOR Partners

AFNOR works with multiple partners to develop its international standards.  Key partners are:
  • ACTIA (Association of Technical Cooperation for the food industry)
  • ADEME (French Agency for Environment and Energy Management)
  • ADEPT (Association for the development of international trade in food products and techniques)
  • COFRAC (French Accreditation Committee)
  • CSTB (Scientific and Technical Center for Construction)
  • CTI (Center Network industrial technology)
  • INERIS (National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks) 
  • LCIE (Laboratoire Central des Industries Électriques)
  • LNE (Laboratoire National Metrology and Testing)
  • UTAC (Union Technique de l'automobile, cycle and motorcycle)
  • UTE (Union Technique de l'Électricité)
Amgad Shady QHSE & FOOD Safety lead assessor.

Amgad Shady QHSE & FOOD Safety lead assessor.

on 05 Jul 2018

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Syed Iqbal Ahmad

Syed Iqbal Ahmad

on 30 May 2018

Is AFNOR engaged in conformity assessment /product certification.

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Dirce Pinheiro

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Congratulations for certification in eurotunnel Calais in one minibus for 10 driver because Covid and distance we cam 19 driver 0% distance thank you very much

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