JET certification for solar products in Japan

What is JET?

The Japan Electrical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories (JET) is Japan's major testing and certification body for all kinds of electrical appliances. JET was founded as the Japan Electrical Testing Laboratories of Japan Electric Association (JEA) in February 1963 and designated by the Japanese government as an authorized testing and certification body pursuant to the Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law. The institute has over the past five decades been accredited as certification authority for a variety of sectors, such as nuclear, industrial and private consumers, and handles the testing services of the Japanese government. All electrical products sold in Japan or Japanese products to manufactured fr export need to conform Japanese application safety standards and thus comply with the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law, or the Consumer Products Safety Law or the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law or the Industrial Standardization Law respectively. Manufacturers can and need thus to apply with JET for testing and certification. Likewise, JET is the responsible testing and certification body for solar products produced in or exported to Japan. As the impacts of exposure to Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) have increasingly become a concern for the safety of users and consumers, JET is since 1998 also responsible for assessing the health effects of electric power facilities and since 2002 by the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency for assessing the health effects and associated problems of nuclear facilities. Today, JET has branches in Kansai, Kyusyu, Nagoya, Tokyo and Yokohama. [caption id="attachment_1880" align="aligncenter" width="352"]JET Certification (Japan Electrical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories JET Certification (Japan Electrical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories[/caption]

What are JET certifications for solar PV ?

JET is responsible for the testing and certification services for assessing the reliability and safety of solar PV modules produced in or exported to Japan. Manufacturers, trading companies or importers may request certification of their PV modules to ascertain its compliance with Japanese laws. The solar testing services of JET comprise both crystalline silicon and thin-film PV modules which are designed for application in terrestrial PV power generation systems.

JET Certification quality assessment and label

During the quality assessment process, JET tests both the products as well as it inspects the factory to analyze its quality assurance system. If passed, the manufacturer receives official JET certifications for each tested model. The certifications are then valid for 3 years and registered companies are regularly inspected by JET.  

JET: Rigorous testing

JET certification is required for large scale rooftop systems and ground-mounted project.

Not every manufacturer with standard IEC 61215 certification can automatically apply and obtain JET certification. To obtain JET certification rigorous additional testing related to reliability, safety and other aspects need to be performed.

There are many ways a certification standard can be interpreted and JET follows certification standards in the most strict way.

When you ask people working at the common certification bodies such as TUV Sud and TUV Rheinland, you often hear that obtaining JET certification is "very difficult". So why is it difficult to obtain JET certification?

The Japanese market is different from most other markets. It comes with a high local standard and is quality driven:

Quality driven market

Unlike many other markets in Asia, Japan is a market driven by quality and additional services. Price comes secondary.

High local standard

Japan is home to established electronics firms such as Sony, Panasonic etc. Therefore its end-users have high requirements for electronics in terms of safety and reliability. Japan is a conservative market and prefers to mostly rely on local companies that are there for the long run.  

More information on JET and its testing and certification services?

More information about JET and its services as well as a comprehensive guide to export electrical appliances and materials to Japan can be found here.   (Source: JET)


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