Quality Assurance meets Insurance: Launch of new Quality Guarantee!

Quality Assurance meets Insurance: Launch of new Quality Guarantee!

Since 2009, when we started helping companies around the world inspect their PV equipment, we’ve heard this question numerous times:

If something goes wrong in the field, what’s your risk.. what’s your liability..?

The reality is, PV inspection companies typically do not take on liability at all. And ‘if they do’, they hide behind complicated contracts with extensive liability clauses.

This Unique Guarantee will change this, as of the 1st of July 2023:

As the first inspection company in the PV industry, Sinovoltaics is now providing a true Quality Guarantee to its clients, backed up by world-renowned insurer Munich Re.

Quality Assurance meets Insurance: Launch of new Quality Guarantee!

“Inspection companies typically don’t take on liability if anything goes wrong in the field. They hide behind Liability Clauses. With the Quality Guarantee, we change this”

Our philosophy around risk

To start it’s worth explaining our philosophy around risk. With our slogan ‘Zero Risk Solar ®, we’ve always looked at better ways of eliminating all risk on our client’s shipments.

While other inspection companies ‘sample and test' a rather small amount of PV modules at the factories, we’ve already introduced 100% EL inspections, using proprietary software, at the factories since 2 years.

Looking at our 2022 data of inspecting of ~5GW of PV modules at the Tier 1 factories, the average re-work rate is 19.32% and our replacement rate 0.6%.

While our EL analysis software has been greatly enhanced and our servers have been expanded to handle a much larger capacity, there’s always the question: what else can we do to reduce our client’s risk exposure?

This brings us to our new Quality Guarantee..

What is the Quality Guarantee?
The Quality Guarantee is an integral part of Sinovoltaics’ PV module quality assurance (QA) services.

Our clients already benefit from ISO 17020 accredited, 100% inspections (not sampling) at the PV factories in Asia.

To show our confidence in eliminating 100% of risks, we’ve decided to offer a true Quality Guarantee. This guarantee ensures that in case of issues in the field, our clients can claim liquidated damages from Sinovoltaics.

It means we now become a Shared Risk partner in our client’s PV projects. As the first PV inspection company in the industry, we truly have skin in the game. We take on a Shared Risk with our clients.

How does PV quality assurance work?

After performing our regular, 100% pre-shipment inspection on your PV modules at the factory, you’ll be eligible for our Quality Guarantee for a period of 3 years.

In case of a warranty claim in the field during that period, you have the right to claim liquidated damages from Sinovoltaics. 

Munich Re, a year-long and close partner of Sinovoltaics, backstops our Quality Guarantee, adding an additional seal of quality.

“As the first PV inspection company in the industry, we truly have skin in the game. We take on a Shared Risk with our clients”.

What are your advantages as a PV Project Developer?

From now on, you’ll not only be sure that your PV modules are 100% Quality Assured, in case you do encounter issues in the field, we stand by your side and compensate for your loss. A big win for your solar quality assurance plan.

This is a unique guarantee, not offered by any PV inspection company in the industry.

Terms and Conditions apply. Fill out the form below to schedule a call with our team to learn more.

About the author
Dricus is Managing Director at Sinovoltaics Group. Sinovoltaics Group assists PV developers, EPCs, utilities, financiers and insurance companies worldwide with the execution of ZERO RISK SOLAR projects - implemented by our multinational team of solar PV-specialized quality engineers and auditors on-site in Asia. Dricus is based in Hong Kong and has been working in the PV industry in China for 10+ years. Connect with Dricus on LinkedIn
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