NEW RELEASES: Edition 1-2020 Energy Storage and Inverter Manufacturer Ranking Reports

NEW RELEASES: Edition 1-2020 Energy Storage and Inverter Manufacturer Ranking Reports

Sinovoltaics starts 2020 with the release of 2 brand new Ranking Reports:

  • Energy Storage Manufacturer Ranking Report – Edition #1-2020
  • Inverter Manufacturer Ranking Report – Edition #1-2020

In Edition 1-2020, you can access the ranking of 40+ Energy Storage manufacturers & 30+ Inverter manufacturers for FREE.  Access the reports and learn about the manufacturer’s financial strength.

Inverter manufacturer Ranking ReportDownload the Sinovoltaics Inverter Manufacturer Ranking Report

Energy Storage manufacturer Ranking ReportDownload the Sinovoltaics Energy Storage Manufacturer Ranking Report

The Altman-Z Scores in these reports have been calculated from December 2016 until December 2019. The reports provide detailed insight how the financial strength of  Inverter and Energy Storage manufacturers has evolved over the past 3 years.

What’s the value of Altman Z-Scores?

Altman-Z Scores are calculated to understand which manufacturers are financially stable, and which players are at risk of going bankrupt. For any stakeholder involved in solar projects, the financial stability of the manufacturer is of crucial importance. Employing energy storage or inverters from financially stable manufacturers provides for a better hedge against the potential risks of collapsing return of investment (ROI) of any PV project.

Why is the financial stability of a manufacturer important?

Ultimately, the financial stability of a manufacturer is geared to the validity and enforceability of the warranty policies on their products. Most people realize that today’s Energy Storage and Inverter manufacturers will probably not be around in 25 years. However for the short to medium term, you want to be sure that warranties are in place.

In many years to come, lots of PV projects will likely face this tough question: whom to contact with performance complaints and replacement requests regarding a malfunctioning battery or inverter after 2, 5 or even 10 years?

In these reports we present you the Altman Z-Scores of 40+ energy storage & 30+ inverter manufacturers. These reports can be used to see how one manufacturer matches up to the other, and can be an important indicator when selecting your energy storage or inverter manufacturer. The Altman Z-Scores show you which manufacturers are financially strong, and which manufacturers are in the risk zone of going bankrupt within the coming 2 years.

2016 – 2020: rating of energy storage & inverter manufacturers worldwide

In these reports you find the full table showing the Altman Z-Scores of the major, publicly listed Asian, European and American manufacturers.

Here are excerpts from the Inverter and Energy Storage full Ranking Reports:

Full Ranking Report Overview of Inverter Manufacturers:

Click here to download your free copy of the complete Inverter Ranking Report in .PDF >>>

Full Ranking Report Overview of Energy Storage Manufacturers:

Click here to download your free copy of the complete Energy Storage Ranking Report in .PDF >>>

How are the Altman Z-Scores interpreted?

score below 1.1 is called Distress Zone and it means it’s likely the company is headed for bankruptcy, while companies with scores above 2.6 are in the Safety Zone, financially stable and not likely to go bankrupt.

Note that companies that have been in the Grey Zone for years may be very stable companies!

It’s important to spot the trend and see where a company is heading..

Did you know?

Sinovoltaics has been publishing its PV Module Manufacturer Ranking Reports since early 2016 and is the first and only independent source for PV Module, Inverter and Energy Storage Manufacturer Ranking Reports based on their financial strength.

Download the Energy Storage and Inverter Ranking Report for free.

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