Under Stress - Sinovoltaics featured article in PV Magazine
Under Stress - Sinovoltaics.com authors publish article in PV Magazine

Under Stress - Sinovoltaics.com authors publish article in PV Magazine

are no guarantee that a product is of high quality. Failures in the field can in the end get far more expensive than the stress tests performed by the certification bodies and third party testing service companies.

In a recently published article in the famous and international photovoltaics (PV) industry magazine PV MAGAZINE (issue 04/2013 on page 74), the editors of Sinovoltaics.com, Dricus de Rooij and Niclas Weimar, assess the the significance and value of PV module certifications.

Article on PV certifications in PV Magazine

Article on PV certifications in PV Magazine

Sinovoltaics also released a specialized guide on PV module certification which is the most comprehensive and detailed existing guide on that subject: “A Comprehensive Guide to Solar Photovoltaic (Module) Certifications”. If you want to learn more about PV module certifications and, this video will give you a 5 minute introduction to pv module certifications.

Features of the Comprehensive Guide to Solar Photovoltaic Module Certifications:

  1. The first and only complete guide on solar panel certifications
  2. A must read for any pv expert.
  3. A comprehensive, 200 page explanatory guide, which will make you an instant expert on pv certifications.
  4. Learn about current PV module certification trends and developments
  5. Report contains expert interviews with major testing and certification labs
  6. You will discover everything about International + Country specific + Environmental certifications.
  7. The report will give you a complete understanding about the certification bodies and highlights the lab tests they perform.
  8. After reading the reading report, you will be able to assess the significance, advantages and loopholes of recycling schemes related to solar pv modules.
  9. Finally help to Identify scams and avoid pitfalls, such as Identifying fake certifications, when you purchase solar panels.
About the author
Niclas is co-founder of the Sinovoltaics Group and Quality Director at 3rd party PV Quality Assurance company Kisun Solar. He is based in Shanghai and has been living and working in Asia for 9 years, including Mainland China, Taiwan, India and Iran. Niclas is PV quality specialist with extensive experience with manufacturers in Asia and has before worked on clean energy projects at UNIDO and Grameen Shakti. Connect with Niclas on LinkedIn
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