Webinar: Contract Optimization for Solar PV Module Procurement
Dricus De Rooij
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Webinar: Contract Optimization for Solar PV Module Procurement

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Webinar: Contract Optimization for Solar PV Module Procurement.


Sinovoltaics has been helping clients to optimize purchase contracts for years…

From 5 to 500 MW PV projects, you’d be surprised about the one-sided purchase contracts often proposed by the factories..

some of these rather look like Proforma Invoices..

This webinar will be a great start to take control of your purchase contracts.

During this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • Most common quality defects in 2019 based on real data, and how to prevent these
  • Which PV module quality issues can be prevented with Contract Optimization
  • 10 crucial types of protective clauses to include in your procurement contracts
  • Quality standards and how to use them to your best advantage
  • Balance between strict quality criteria and manufacturing reality
  • How to enforce the contract clauses you have signed with the PV module manufacturer
  • Delays and how to prevent them: manage strict timelines


Who can attend this webinar?

  • Commercial / utility scale developers
  • PV project owners
  • EPC’s
  • Financiers
  • Procurement / C-Level roles



Niclas & Dricus