Webinar: Insurance Based On Quality Assurance
08 mei 2020 

Webinar: Insurance Based On Quality Assurance

This webinar has already taken place, you can watch the recording on this page.


We’d like to invite you to join our Webinar “Insurance Based On Quality Assurance”. During this webinar you’ll learn everything you need to know about PV insurance and how the usage of high quality components assists in turning PV projects bankable.

Webinar topic:

Insurance Based On Quality Assurance
How To Turn Solar PV Projects Bankable Using High Quality Components

The Webinar will be hosted by Team Sinovoltaics. As a special guest we’re welcoming Harry Wolkenfelt, CEO of company Solarif.

During this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • What insurance considerations to make during the development phases of a PV project.
  • What are the type of insurance options.
  • How to reduce risks and turn any PV project bankable.
  • Technical Due Diligence and insurance combined.
  • How Quality Assurance at the PV factories is performed.
  • Advantages of combining Quality & Insurance for pv projects.

Who can attend this webinar?

  • Commercial / utility scale developers
  • PV project owners
  • EPC’s
  • Financiers
  • Procurement / C-Level roles


About the author
Dricus is Managing Director at Sinovoltaics Group. Sinovoltaics Group assists PV developers, EPCs, utilities, financiers and insurance companies worldwide with the execution of ZERO RISK SOLAR projects - implemented by our multinational team of solar PV-specialized quality engineers and auditors on-site in Asia. Dricus is based in Hong Kong and has been working in the PV industry in China for 10+ years. Connect with Dricus on LinkedIn
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