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Solar panel recycling has become an important subject, especially for certain types of pv module technologies, such as CdTe modules, that contain poisonous elements.

Now there are directives, policies and companies in place that will take care of solar panel recycling.

Any company installing solar panels should already start thinking about End-of-lifetime management of solar panels, as it may involve cost and should be included in the overall ROI calculation of a project.

In the section you can read about solar panel recycling subjects such as Remedia, the WEEE directive and of course PV Cycle.

There is more to come in this expanding section of the larning center. Feel free to leave us your comments, suggestions or ideas below.

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2 thoughts on “Recycling

By e waste recycling san diego on 23 January 2016

There are many recyclers which deal with all of the best cell phone recycling strategies.
The average household sends some 10 kilograms of waste to
landfill every week which is highly wasteful as much of the material can be re-used or recycled.

The reason that this is so important is because those electronics can contain materials such as mercury or lead, which can be harmful not only to human beings, but
also to the environment.

By Sourav Das on 26 September 2017

I have scrap solar wafer and broken solar cell and module looking for buyers. If you are interested in this regard please contact me at the earliest.

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