Solar panel labels: an introduction

Solar panel labels usually show the solar panel's power rating, certifications and details about the manufacturer.

Solar Panel Labels

High-quality PV modules are characterized by the fact that it can provide a safe operation and high energy production under the given environmental conditions. Their quality standards are usually expressed by - industry-wide - long performance warranties and assessed by a variety of different certifications. These qualities along with a panel's output characteristics, certifications and details about the manufacturer are usually printed on the solar panel label on the backside of a PV module.

Label as a guarantor

The label serves as a guarantor that this specific module exactly conforms to what the customer ordered. Therefore, some purchasers of PV modules usually commission external quality control companies to - apart from visual inspections, flash test and certification verification - audit the genuinity of the data on the label and the label's endurance, the latter which can be verified through rub test.  Solar module label Solar Module Label

Example label

The example photo of a solar PV label indicates name and address of the manufacturer and the solar module type (blackened). Right below, the electrical ratings indicate the major performance output characteristics of the panel. On the lower part of the label there are icons of all the certifications this specific panel has passed.



on 01 Mar 2023

Is there any international standard that specifies what information needs to be included on a solar PV label?

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