Archelios Pro and Archelios Calc

Software: Archelios Pro and Archelios Calc

  Archelios Pro and Archelios Calc are computer software that supports in optimum design, installation, and operation of Solar PV systems.   What is a Photovoltaic Software? A Photovoltaic Software is a PC software that assists in the sizing, simulation, and data analysis of solar PV systems. It can be used for different systems like grid-connected, stand-alone, and DC-grid systems, and helps in optimum cost for design and manufacturing of solar systems and performance improvement. PV software can be used for simulation of PV system fields' production, estimation of electrical production, and calculation of project profitability. PV software can be used as a tool to support PV sizing, providing a PV sizing calculator which supports in sizing of PV system projects, and also as a  PV simulation software.

Archelios Pro and Archelios Calc Software

It is software developed by Trace Software international, which is one of the worldwide leaders in software development and engineering services. Archelios Calc is a component of the tools contained in archelios suite. It is used alongside archelios Pro. Archelios Pro is an application that allows the 3D simulation, calculation, and analysis of photovoltaic installations, in order to be able to provide the electrical sizing of all the components required for system installation. Archelios Calc and Archelios Pro, form a packaged solution to provide assistance in all work required for the total PV project development from the feasibility study to the finalization of design and calculations notes.

Features of Archelios Pro and Archelios Calc

The archelios Pro and archelios Calc provide many features and functions including the following:

Data need for Archelios Pro and Archelios Calc

Data is required for the successful operation of the software and accurate calculations as this PV software requires various input parameters for the proper simulation and sizing. This data includes:

  • Site information: like coordinates and reflection coefficients
  • Technical data of inverters and modules
  • Meteorological data
  • Also, Various types of losses must be accounted for, like:
    1. Meteorological data variation
    2. Module characteristics mismatch
  • Reflection angle losses
  1. Cables and inverters electrical losses
  2. Modules clogging and aging
  3. Temperature losses

Importance of Archelios Pro and Archelios Calc

With the proper use of the Archelios Pro and Archelios Calc software, it can be guaranteed that maximum performance can be obtained from the PV system along with the below benefits:

  • The precision of system design
  • Increased productivity of installed modules
  • Reduced installation and manufacturing cost
  • Forecast of system production and return on investment for plans

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