DEKSOFT Photovoltaics

DEKSOFT Photovoltaics is a dedicated program used for calculating the produced electrical power by the PV system.  

Different Solar plant systems supported by DEKSOFT Photovoltaics

The latest version of the DEKSOFT Photovoltaics program supports all the following systems of Solar plants:

  • PV power plant with a converter connected to the distribution system
  • PV power plant with inverter and batteries connected to the distribution system
  • PV power plant with inverter and accumulation of surplus produced power so to heat water
  • PV power plant exclusively designed for the purpose of hot water heating


Features of DEKSOFT Photovoltaics Program

The main features of the DEKSOFT Photovoltaics program are the accuracy of calculations as the calculation takes 10 minutes. Also, it has a friendly user interface with user-selectable options and details for entering the power consumption profile and the individual efficiency of each element. The DEKSOFT Photovoltaics program offers the possibility to evaluate the solar panel shading using the 3D EDITOR program and gives a detailed view of all results using DesignBuilder as well. Finally, the newer version has the extra feature of calculation of hot water storage to optimize the load for two cases of technical solutions (bivalent tray, two separate trays) for solar plant systems with thermal accumulation or water heating.  

Why is DEKSOFT Photovoltaics Program Important in PV systems?

As previously explained, all the PV software and tools are important for creating value for the designers and users. Thus, PV designers should try to maximize the output produced by these assets and maximize the return on investment for their customers or users. A simple way to maximize the efficiency of the PV modules and to improve returns is to utilize all the various available tools and solutions which support maximizing the yield of the installations, increase utilization of available resources, improve customer satisfaction and reduce the operating costs associated with monitoring, management, troubleshooting, and maintenance. The DEKSOFT Photovoltaics program provides important data about the electrical power by the installed solar plant. The calculated data about produced electricity can greatly help in performance optimization, design improvement, and running costs including operational and maintenance costs. Also for the solar thermal accumulation systems and water heating solar systems, new features of DEKSOFT Photovoltaics greatly support in providing a more efficient design and technical solution.  

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