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Top-Of-Pole Mounts: installed safe and free from dirt

Top-of-pole mounts are structures where mounting poles are secured into the ground and tightened with concrete and the solar module is mounted on the top of the poles.

Advantages Top-of-Pole Mounts

The advantage is that it is rather not exposed to vandalism and accumulation of dirt, leaves and snow. These types of mounting structures can hold between 1 and 20 solar panels per pole. The inclination of the mount can usually be adjusted manually according to the seasons. Some top-of-pole mounts have a tracker included.

Disadvantages Top-of-pole Mounts

Cleaning can be an issue as the panels are mounted way above ground. Maintenance crew needs special equipment to reach and clean the panels.  
Top-of-pole mounts

Top-of-pole mounts


Winload capability Top-of-pole mounts

Similar to the Side-of-pole mounts,  you will need to take into account the windload capabilities of the pole and top-of-pole mount that you’re installing. Most mounts are made to withstand winds up to 150km/u. However in many high-wind areas such as the coast, winload capability of 200km/u is recommended. Your supplier should be able to show you a test report. If it hasn't been tested, don't take the risk..
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