What is SEPA?

Founded back in the year 1992, the SEPA or the Smart Electric Power Alliance is an educational non-profit company with its headquarters in Washington DC Metro area. The company mainly aims at making it easier to shift to the clean energy economy. They want to make the most of solar energy and deploy the finest solar equipments and also distribute the different energy resources to opt for sustainable use. The first name of the company was the Solar Electric Power Association and it was later rebranded to Smart Electric Power Alliance, keeping in mind the new roles, responsibilities, and aim. The Role of SEPA The plant earth is in a critical state and owing to excessive and unwanted exploitation; the future is in grave danger. As more and more people realize the vulnerability, the focus is gradually shifting on the use of renewable energy resources and solar products and solar technology has become very popular among the masses. Julia Hamm, SEPA’s president and CEO was quoted as saying, “Utility integration and deployment of solar continues to be a core focus of this organization. But, adding high volumes of solar to our distribution and transmission grids – while providing customers with clean, affordable and reliable power – also means integrating a range of fast-changing and increasingly sophisticated technologies and resources.” Read more here : https://solarindustrymag.com/sepa-to-rebrand-as-smart-electric-power-alliance/ No doubt, the company dedicates all efforts in it aims to develop a smart energy ecosystem. The demand for energy and electricity has shot manifold with most people looking for luxurious was of living the life. By integrating the best of technological advancements, it is now possible for companies like SEPA to offer the finest solar products to the mass at competitive rates. The company works round the clock to come up with ways and methods by which they can integrate the smart technology and advanced products to a modernized electric grid which can cut down excessive use of fuel and electricity. The Modern Electrical Grid Coming up with a reliable modern electrical grid is one of the key focus of SEPA and they believe that two important factors in this regard has to be reliability and trust. SEPA aims at offering both of it. They have trained staff that has expertise on: • DER Integration • Transportation • Electrification • Regulatory innovations • Utility business models and more So, by offering a one stop shop solution, they have managed to overcome most of the modern day electric grid challenges and have been offering clean energy and robust solutions to one and all. For more details: https://sepapower.org/ The future There is no doubt that solar energy is the real future of tomorrow and the more we know how to harness and leverage the cost out of it, the more secure is the planet’s future. SEPA surely is taking steps in the right direction.
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