Silicon Module Super League

Silicon Module Super League

The Silicon Module Super League is a big group consisting of manufacturers and suppliers of crystalline silicon modules in the solar industry. This group consists of 7 major multi GW manufacturers of modules in the solar panel industry.

What is the Silicon Module Super League?

The Silicon Module Super League – also known as SMSL - is a group which contains seven of the  big c-Si (crystalline siliconmodule suppliers in the industry of  modern solar PV. The members of SMSL (the big seven) industry group were as below:Jinko SolarTrina SolarCanadian SolarHanwha Q CELLSJA SolarTwo other members joined the SMSL in mid 2016LONGi : which is the world's largest manufacturer of solar monocrystalline siliconGCL: which is the largest manufacturer of solar poly crystalline silicon 

Why are they called Super League? 

The SMSL group members have consistently held the PV efficiency record and they hold quite notable achievements in the industry. They have set most benchmarks for all the manufacturers of PV modules in the industry. The products of SMSL shipments are in high demand in the global end-market. This is the reason it was named the Super League. History of the Silicon Module Super LeagueWhen the Silicon Module Super League (SMSL) was established a few years ago. It was driven by the strong performance of a select group of manufacturers of solar PV modules. They were moving away from the remaining manufacturers chasing pack. In addition, the group members were firmly establishing themselves as the pioneering companies clearly set to dominate the other players in the market while the industry is moving towards demand levels for annual shipments of 100GW.Since the SMSL group was established, some companies were subsequently added and removed, so as to carefully qualify the select group of companies that would supply nearly half of the market with final products.The SMSL group quickly exceeded the expectations, with the member companies supplying more than two third of the modules used in large scale projects.All this led to the members of the SMSL becoming the de-facto list of top module manufacturing companies, and this list is commonly short listed by investors and banks that are financing plant capex projects, or are the ultimate owners of the planned complete assets. 

The achievements of the Silicon Module Super League

The scale of achievement of this solar module industry group is remarkable. In 2017 these module suppliers were forecasted to ship around half of the global end-market supply.Currently for module efficiency, Chinese solar manufacturer Trina Solar holds the record for solar PV efficiency in Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC) technology with around 22.61% efficiency.The members of SMSL group have held the PV efficiency record for a long time. In 2015, Trina Solar set the previous record of 22.13% then in July 2016, Trina Solar announced that its production lines were capable of mass producing the same PERC cells in large volumes with an average efficiency of nearly 21.12%.
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