SEIA : What is it?

SEIA or the Solar Energy Industries Association was set up back in the year 1974 and is essentially a non-profit trade association which pertains to the solar energy industry in The United States of America. The board mainly aims at building a strong industry so as to leverage the most of it to power America. For more: roles and responsibilitiesThe Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) is definitely one of the pivotal bodies that have been bestowed with a lot of roles and responsibilities. Some of the key functions which they need to take care of include the following:• Social awareness: the organization makes it a point to create social awareness about the need to tap solar energy and to preserve the non-renewable and exhaustible forms of energy. As many as 1.8 million US households have managed to go solar.• Trade, Tech, and environment: SEIA focuses largely on the environmental impact of the cutting edge solar technology which is becoming a major thing in the global marketplace. As much as 70 million metric tons of CO2 have been reduced annually because of the use of the solar industry in the USA alone.• Solar policy: the SEIA makes it a point to engage in discussion with the policymakers at both the legislative and regulatory levels in the USA to make sure those solar products can compete in the market by offering competitive pricing to the customers.The growth in the solar market has been enormous at 59% in the past decade.So, SEIA surely has a lot of roles to play as far as the solar industry in the USA is concerned. Currently, they have rolled a new level of membership and they are asking for new members to join and be a part of the team. Of course, the members of SEIA have some of the best exclusive benefits.In the current times, it is really important to harness solar energy and come up with the best technological advancements to ensure that there is a variety of solar industry products. Those who understand the importance of sustainable living will definitely promote the use of solar panel and solar-powered appliances.With bodies like SEIA, it becomes a whole lot easier to govern the dynamics of the solar industry and to push it towards feasibility. Until and unless the solar-powered products use the best of new technology and the price is reasonable, their popularity won’t see a surge. Undoubtedly, SEIA is doing a commendable job and defining the right policies for the solar industry.
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