Talesun Financial Ranking – Ranking Report

Discover how Talesun’s financial strength compares to other PV module manufacturers. Suzhou Talesun Solar Technologies Co.Ltd. is listed as its mother company Jiangsu Zhongli Group on the latest Sinovoltaics Ranking Report.

What’s the Sinovoltaics Ranking Report?

The Ranking Report consists of Altman-Z Scores, which are calculated to understand which PV module manufacturers are financially stable, and which players are at risk of going bankrupt. For any stakeholder involved in solar projects, the financial stability of the manufacturer is of crucial importance, as the longevity of the manufacturer is directly linked to the validity of the product and performance warranty.

About Talesun

Company name: Suzhou Talesun Solar Technologies Co.Ltd. Talesun official websites: www.talesunenergy.com / www.talesun.com / www.talesun-eu.com / China factory address: No. 1 Talesun Road, Shajiabang, Changshu, Suzhou, Jiangsu. Thailand factory address: Map Yang Phon, Pluak Daeng District, Rayong 21140, Thailand. Note that the information below is based on the Sinovoltaics Ranking Report - Edition 1-2020. The PV Module Ranking Report is updated every quarter. Make sure to have access to the most recent data: You can download the latest Ranking Report for free here >>>.

How Talesun compares to other PV module manufacturers listed on the Sinovoltaics Ranking Report

At the time of writing, Talesun ranks 46 / 70 amongst publicly listed PV module manufacturers: This table shows how Talesun ranks compared to other PV module manufacturers And here Jiangsu Zhongli Group is ranked in a column chart: The full chart of PV module manufacturers shows how Talesun is ranked in the GREY zone 

How are the Ranking Report scores interpreted?

The scores are categorized into 3 zones called the Safe Zone, Grey Zone, and Distress Zone:  At the time of writing, Talesun’s Ranking Report score is 1.10, and the company is considered to be in the GREY ZONE.  

Download the latest Sinovolaics Ranking Report

Learn how the Talesun score has been calculated and how it compares to other solar PV Module Manufacturers? Download the latest Sinovoltaics Ranking Report for free here >>>.    

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