Maxim cell optimization

In order to maximize the efficiency of solar panels, the maxim panels are gaining quite a lot of popularity. They are probably the closest thing which comes to having a shade proof solar.

The advantages of maxim cell optimization

With the best of maxim cell optimization, one can enjoy several benefits. There are bound to be lifetime system gains when it comes to performance and even the reliability of the module gets enhanced. The kind of ground coverage which one can have will also be much higher.It has also been seen that those who choose to have PV models which are enabled with solar cell optimizers, the net harvest can be maximized without leading to rise in the installation cost. This is mainly because there are no extra installation steps or hardware which needs to be integrated for the sake of implementing the maxim cell technology. Mostly, it ends up being a whole lot simpler than module level optimizer system.The maxim solar cell optimizer is often preferred because it has gone through several rigorous semiconductor reliability tests and even thermal cycling and damp heat exposure test as well. This helps the developers in being sure that choosing to integrate them is bound to improve the reliability which the set up will offer.Further, it is seen that using the maxim module is easy as it will make use of a single chip and thereby one doesn’t have to deal with the hassles of having innumerable small components.Also, they do not make use of diodes for the sake of power management. This also leads to utilization of complete energy which is available and thereby the occurrence of hot spots gets eliminated in its entirety. It is to be noted that it is the presence of hot spots which is one of the key causes of long term cell stress.Hence, choosing to opt for maxim cell optimization is likely to lead to long term reliability and thereby offer much improved output for the PV module and fewer expenses over the years as well.

The flexibility

Another reason which cements the popularity of maxim cell optimizer is that it gives plenty of room when it comes to designing the modules. There are different kinds of string lengths which can be accommodated and even when it comes to orientation, the choice is enormous. The peak power output of the string can be spanned over a wider range of voltage. Not only this, if the developer desires, one can even connect two strings that are uneven in parallel which will allow the inverter to choose the peak power of either of the string as the main operating voltage.
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