The DDS Company has specifically developed the DDS-CAD PV program for aiding the planning of PV projects. The DDS-CAD PV software enables the planning of different scale PV systems in numerous applications. Whether roof installed, façade, or even ground mounted, so the desired PV system can be planned and visualized in both 2D and 3D. DDS-CAD PV software also offers more tools for reliable project design and complete system documentation, by delivering detailed assembly plans, bill of materials, system diagrams and reports. The system can also provide an integrated yield simulation, which is calculated with the support of recognized plug-in "Polysun Inside". The DDS-CAD PV  is also modular and can be extended with an electrical module, so as to provide advanced electrical planning features for the same project.

DDS-CAD PV Software

DDS  Company (Data Design System)  has DDS-CAD software which is a CAD/BIM software used for MEP project design. DDS delivers solutions for plumbing, electrical, heating, HVAC and PV systems. All products of DDS-CAD support the process of Open BIM design. DDS-CAD PV was specifically developed by DDS for planning PV projects.  

Features of DDS-CAD PV Software

The software has all the basic features from the DDS-CAD building software. DDS-CAD PV contains the basic functionality package (the Intelligent BIM / CAD core) and other additional functions specifically created for PV planning from the ‘Intelligent building model’ package. Also, it offers tools for high quality intelligent PV system design and flexible planning of solar systems in 2D and 3D database which include generic mounting systems. It gives the option of visualizing the course of the sun and shading including photorealistic presentations with the sun animation and even video output. It also has flexible system design for different options: on-roof, facade and ground mounted and provides options for generation of layouts, system schematics and string diagrams. For drawings it can easily allow freely definable cross sections, elevations and part models. It also offers the ability of production of assembly and installation plans in formats of DWG, DXF and PDF and scaled plotting and printing of output documentation. The Polysun Inside plugin has an integrated database with data for global climate from over 8,000 weather stations and possibility to import from third party systems like SunEye. Detailed shading visualization, Yield estimation and consumption comparisons among many of the other features of the DDS-CAD PV Software.
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