PV F-CHART is a comprehensive tool for analysis of photovoltaic systems and a design program.  

Importance of data analysis in PV systems

PV systems are assets that can create value for the owners. Thus PV plants try to maximize the output produced by these assets and maximize their return on investment. A simple way to maximize the efficiency of the PV modules and to improve returns is by utilizing various available tools and solutions that support maximizing the yield of the installations, improve the satisfaction of their customer and reduce the operation costs associated with monitoring, management, troubleshooting and maintenance. Analysis programs provide insightful data about the operation conditions and the performance of PV installations and PV F-CHART can provide the required data for optimization and improvement of operation and output yield of  PV modules.

What is PV F-CHART program?

PV F-CHART is a complete PV system analysis and design program. The PV F-CHART program provides average monthly performance estimates for every single hour of the day. The calculations are based on models and methods developed at the University of Wisconsin, which use the utilizability of solar radiation to account for statistical deviation of solar radiation and the powered load.

Types and options of PV F-CHART program

For the PV F-CHART  program, there are different system types and options for solar tracking as explained below:

1- System Types

  • Utility Interface Systems
  • Stand Alone Systems
  • Battery Storage System

2- Tracking Options

  • Fixed
  • Concentrators
  • 1-axis and 2-axis tracking

Features of the PV F-CHART program

There are several features for the PV F-CHART program that can be utilized for optimizing the operation of the PV installation.


  • Available weather data for over 300 locations with the option of adding new weather data locations as required
  • Extremely fast execution for data analysis
  • Hourly load profiles for each month
  • Statistical load variation graphs and data
  • Buy/sell cost differences to help in optimizing power costs and maximizing profit
  • Figures for time of day rates for buying and selling
  • Life cycle economics with cash flow representation
  • Monthly parameter variation figures
  • Option for using English and SI units
  • Graphical and numerical output of all data and representation

How the PV F-CHART program can be used in Design?

All the above features, provided data and graphical representations can provide useful information for owners and operators about the exact requirements of systems to be installed in a specific location as per the load available. With available estimates and figures the exact size, location, output and orientation for installation can be easily determined, along with preferred type of module and expected ROI and efficiency detailed for every operating hour.
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