Three phase power supply

Three phase power supply

The system of power supply is categorized into two types namely single-phase power supply and three-phase power supply. For most industrial and business settings, three phase supply is used to run the high loads, whereas homes are generally supplied by a single phase, because home appliances require less power. A typical single-phase power system contains three wires, a power wire, a neutral wire and an earth/ground wire. A three phase power supply one, on the other hand, comes in three power wires, a neutral wire and an earth/ground wire that is often optional.Three phase power supply

Three phase system-What is it?

As defined by Aegispower , “ A 3-phase system has three power wires, each 120⁰ out of phase with each other. Delta and wye are the two types of circuits use to maintain equal load across a three-phase system, each resulting in different wire configurations. In the delta configuration, no neutral wire is used. The wye configuration uses both a neutral and a ground wire”.  All three phases of power enter the cycle by 120⁰. When a complete cycle of 360⁰ is completed, three phases of power each peak in voltage twice. It is to be noted that with a three-phase power supply, a steady stream of power is delivered at a constant rate, making it possible to carry more loads.

Three Phase Supply Benefits

The benefits of choosing a three phase supply include the following:
  • Copper Utilization Reduction
  • Lessening of Security Risks for Employees
  • Labor Treatment Costs
  • The efficiency of the Conductor is Greater
  • Facility to Run High Power Loads

Three Phase Supply Applications

The applications of the three phase supply include the following:
  • These types of supplies are used in power grids, mobile towers, aircraft, shipboard, as well as other electronic loads larger than 1000 watts.
  • They are preferred in industrial, manufacturing, and large businesses.
  • These are used in high-density data centers.
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