Solar Inverters Online Tools

Online Configuration Tools for Solar Inverters

As with all other projects solar energy projects need careful planning for an optimal utilization of the committed resources. Many software programs are available to help you in sound planning and configuration of the system. Many of these are comprehensive enough to include all phases from planning, layout, operation, sales management etc. Some of these are available for installation on your system, others are available on line. Most of them will offer a free trial, which you must use for assessment. Here we briefly mention some of the Solar Inverters Online Tools:


It is a web based design software accessible on line at ‘’. It helps design solar panel layouts, configuration of string and distributed MPPT inverters, micro inverters. In addition, it can utilize aerial and satellite imagery to optimize panel layout in 3-D.

PVAnalytics or PVA

It enables the users to quickly plan grid-tied PV and predict hourly power / energy available. Also, it can be accessed virtually from anywhere if connectivity is available, uses cloud technology to interface with PVWatts algorithm by NREL's and regularly updated PV equipment data from the website of California Energy Commission (CEC). It gives precise and detailed information for help in planning.


This is another subscription based planning and evaluation software primarily for contractors which covers virtually all aspects of the project including inventory and financial matters. As per the owner, you simply input the address and Modsolar will take care of everything else. It accesses satellite data for planning and configuration.


It is a project management software specific to solar energy industry, making an economically successful operation possible. The system covers all phases from planning, manufacture, installation, management, and sales of solar systems. More information is available at:


It is a free downloadable solar bench marker tool for android application. Taking in site data and equipment parameters it can tell you what to expect from your system at various times and dates.PVPhilThis is another free planning software which is free.EasypvThis is another online and free, planning software for photovoltaic project. It runs through the steps in an interactive manner.oTilt A convenient online tool for easy and quick determination of the optimal tilt for solar PV panels or other collectors. Site identification can be by name through Google map or by latitude and longitude coordinates.Note: Free is free,  and solar inverters online tools will not compete with professionally prepared paid utilities. For paid utilities it is a good practice to ask for a free trial so you can assess the pros and the cons before you pay.
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