CHUBB Insurance

CHUBB is a high-end general insurance company which is known for service to well-to-do clients looking for generous coverage and perks. It was started in 1882 by Thomas Caldecot Chubb and his son Percy as a marine insurance company in New York.Their focus at that time was on ships and cargoes. Recently in January 2016, Chubb was acquired by ACE Ltd, a global property and casualty insurer with headquarters in Zurich. The distinguishing areas of activity of CHUBB are automobile, real estate, and various energy operations. It has a long experience of operating risk coverage in these fields.Services in the energy sectorCHUBB services in the energy sector include both risk assessment advice and risk coverage insurance. It possesses expertise in risk engineering. In the energy and mining sectors it provides various optimized products and services to:
  • wind energy businesses and the allied industry
  • solar power and the allied industry
  • hydroelectric power and the associated activities
  • biomass and the associated businesses / industries
  • geothermal energy sector
  • biodiesel producers and the allied industry
  • businesses and industries related to methane extraction
  • fuel cell energy businesses along with the allied industries thereto
The insurance coverage is available anywhere in the world to clients dealing with solar energy including:
  • manufacturers
  • facility operators
  • supply chain operators
  • buyers
  • end users of equipment
In the solar PV industry, CHUBB Insurance is one of the most common insurance coverages among module manufacturers.
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