Zurich Insurance

Zurich insurance is a Swiss insurance company that has its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. The company is  the largest insurer in the whole of Switzerland and as per reports in 2017; it was listed as the 91st largest public company in the world. There are three main segments of this company and they are general insurance, global life, and farmers.

Solar panels and Zurich insurance

As more and more businesses understand the need to embrace the concept of green technology, there has been a massive increase in the demand for photovoltaic solar panel systems. However, using the PV solar panel systems comes with their set of risks and Zurich Insurance aims at precisely explaining these risks and challenges.One of the top risks has to be the one pertaining to fire. The worst thing is in case of fire, as complete shutdown of power might not be possible. This is because the solar panels will continue to generate electricity using the sunlight. So, in such cases, it is more important to have the right insurance cover. Zurich insurance aims at offering precisely that.When Zurich insurance offers the right cover, they talk about the possible challenges and risk associated with the use of PV solar panels. Along with this, they also make it a point to offer the possible solutions and help in risk assessment and mitigation. Of course, they further have insurance policies to cover the risk and cost of damage; should there be an unwanted incident.

Their services

Apart from this, Zurich Insurance is a large company that offers different types of insurance. The list is massive and encompasses several names which include but not limited to crime insurance, environmental insurance, marine insurance, health insurance, inland marine insurance and more.The company is enjoying a great deal of success as they have offices in more than 50 countries and they have approximately 60,000 employees. In North America alone, the company is a leading provider of commercial property casualty insurance services and they cater to small business and huge corporate clients as well.Owing to their blend of massive experience and thorough expertise in matters pertaining to insurance, the company has managed to put forth the right kind of message and is one of the popular choices among those seeking the best insurance cover.
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