Solar Panel Product warranty

Product warranty insurance of solar panel

Solar energy system consists of no moving parts and durable. With less maintenance or repairs in the entire system, manufacturers are offering compatible warranties depending on the installation setup. Before venturing into product warranty of the solar panel, know that there exist three different warranties – product, performance, and workmanship warranties.Being able to understand the product warranty enables anyone to extend the lifespan of the solar panels. It, thus, gives a high investment return.

What is a product warranty?

When compared with the other two warranties, product warranty or also called as equipment warranty offers protection to the individual components of the solar energy system. Listed below is the detailed description of how a product warranty covers the solar panels of the renewable energy system.
  • Solar panels: Under the product warranty system of the insurance policy, it is possible to claim for physical damages such as manufacturing defects and durability issues. Although most of the solar panels are durable and last for decades, environmental conditions, wiring, and corrosion could lead to problems that cause failure of proper functioning. In some cases, the failed panel also causes problems to the surrounding boards.
With the product warranty applicable on the system, it is possible to make a claim, where the manufacturer replaces the panel without charging a penny.

What does the product warranty cover?

The product warranty of the solar panel protects from manufacturing defects, premature wear and tear, and environmental issues. However, not environmental issues are covered. For example, excessive growth of the trees around the panels and improper maintenance could lead to failure of the functioning of the panels. Hence, it is essential to read the policy wording and the schedule before purchasing one.When compared with other electronic products or hardware, solar panels have the longest product warranty periods. As the solar energy system is reliable and durable, it will function throughout its stated lifespan and even more when taken care of. Solar panel manufacturers follow stringent norms and international standards to ensure that they withstand high winds, heavy snowfall, and hails. Possession of the valid warranty guarantees coverage and protection for the individual components of the solar system.Evaluating and comparing the available product warranties for solar panels will be helpful in knowing the coverage offered by the manufacturer, their service and support when the need occurs. Product warranty, therefore, has an important role to play in complementing technical specifications and business practices.
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