Energy Management systems

Energy management systems (EMS)  encompass procedures like energy usage data collection, analysis, timely energy data tracking and establishing overall methods to save energy in businesses, organizations and in residential buildings. The aim is to reduce energy wastage via timely monitoring and to make an effort to reduce the monthly electricity bills. The main features of energy management systems are:
  1. Metering and collecting the data of energy consumption:  Usually in this type of energy-data collection, interval based metering systems are incorporated that automatically measure and record energy consumption at small regular intervals such as at a 15-minutes or half-hour. An in depth timed energy consumption data like this can help to see patterns of energy wastage and hit the loopholes to solve the energy wastage problem.
  2. Quantifying opportunities to save energy: The detailed meter data upon collection is valuable to the users to find and quantify energy-saving opportunities.
  3. Analysis and tracking of the meter data to address the loopholes in energy savings: Using the detailed interval data, one can make reasonable analysis of how much energy is being wasted at different times and what can be done to avoid the wastage.

Importance of Energy management Systems

Energy management systems help in:
  • Cost Reduction With ever increasing surges in price of power, energy management systems are gaining prominence and are in high demand. With EMS it is possible to address energy wastage problems via good monitoring features that eventually leads to efficient energy management. This leads to huge cost cutting as power is saved and faults are detected in a timely way.
  • Risk Management:An EMS uses the forecasting capability to indicate opportunities of power saving by reducing the demand power and to reduce the risk of power shortage.
  • An effort to reduce carbon emissions: This is one area where EMS can contribute tremendously. Currently, EMS helps to conserve energy, and it is possible to save further cost involving carbon taxes and managing carbon footprint.
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