Tesla Solar Roof Tiles and Shingles

Tesla entered into the solar roof shingles in the year 2016. The company's entrance caused an enormous market stir, and the stock price went up. However, it was only in April last year that the company started the installation of the tiles. According to the official website of Tesla, a 2,000 sq. Ft. home is capable of saving $42,300 over 30 years. Tesla solar roof and shingles are panels made up of tempered glass with built-in batteries. These batteries collect energy during daylight. One can think of them as energy banks.

Roofing materials

Tesla ensured that the tiles and shingles are attractive, unlike the regular roof that is available in the market. The tempered glass is designed in such a way that it appears engaging. Tesla is making the tiles available in terracotta, wooden, and asphalt appearances. Underneath the glass material lies the silicon crystalline solar cells that collect energy during the day. It is also possible to opt for untextured Tesla solar roof and shingles depending on the need. Tesla Solar Roof Tiles and Shingles

The cost of the installation

Currently, the price per square foot is $21.85. The cost is expensive when compared with other solar roof panels in the market. However, not all panels are capable of producing quality energy. According to the cost estimator available on the Tesla website, an estimation for a 2,000 sq. Ft. house with a $150 electricity monthly bill (with 40% of the roof using solar tiles and 60% using typical roof panels), it is feasible to save $42,300 for the next 30 years. Tesla recommends using only 35% of solar tiles in the entire area. The rest is for non-solar tiles. Therefore, the price per square foot varies. For a better analysis, Tesla sends an energy analyst to determine the requirement and investment.

Comparison with others

Although $5 solar tiles and shingles are available, they do not have the life as that of Tesla solar roof tiles and shingles. And, when speaking about the durability of the product, Tesla claims that they are stronger, and, offers “infinity” warranty. The tempered glass has a high strength when compared with clay, slate, or terracotta material. The only exceptional regions that one would find when opting for the tiles are around the chimneys, in the corners, and edges along the roof. The reason is that it is not possible to cut the tempered glass.


A better way to know how much one would save on the total energy is by entering the desired parameters in the calculator available on the Tesla website. Also, one can expect the solar investment tax benefit of about 30% of the total installation cost.


Tesla solar roof tiles and shingles allow the user to track the usage of the energy precisely with the help of the Tesla app.

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