Uninterruptible Power Systems

A UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is an electrical device which provides emergency power to a load when the input source of power source or in case of power failure. A UPS is different from an emergency power system or from a standby generator because it will provide near instantaneous protection from interruptions of input power by supplying energy which is stored in batteries, supercapacitors, or flywheels. The run time on battery of most uninterruptible power sources is fairly short (just a few minutes) but it should be sufficient to start the standby power source or ensure proper shut down of the protected equipment. The UPS is a type of a continual power system.

Uses of an Uninterruptible Power Systems

A UPS is usually used for the protection of essential devices similar to computers, data centers, telecommunication equipment and other electrical equipment where the unexpected power disruption or loss can lead to fatalities, business disruption, financial losses or data loss. An uninterruptible power supply can be used in solar energy systems as well. This will provide continuous power service during blackouts. The UPS will typically contain batteries.

Uninterruptible Power Systems and Solar systems

UPS technology is used in solar systems and solar energy can be used in providing an uninterruptible power systems. Hybrid solar inverter (Solar Home UPS system) has two built in chargers, a grid charger and a solar charger which provides instant power supply in case of failure of grid power. Both devices share some common functionality, yet the regular solar inverter is different from a solar home UPS.A solar inverter’s function is transforming the variable output DC (direct current) of a photovoltaic solar module to a utility frequency AC (alternating current) output which can be directly fed into a commercial electrical grid or used locally in a standalone system off-grid electrical network. It is a critical component for the balance of system in a PV system, as it allows the use of normal AC powered equipment. Solar inverters can have special functions that are adapted for use with photovoltaic arrays, like MPPT (maximum power point tracking) and safety features like anti-islanding protection. In the inverter, large capacitors are used to store energy for a short time and improve the output waveform.

Advantages of Solar Power UPS

The main advantage of using solar power energy as an uninterruptible power system is that it is a renewable clean energy and feasible for long term use, the maximum efficiency of solar system can be attained by proper orientation within the correct location. The ability to use light energy and generate electrical energy, that can be used either as an online energy source (on grid) or in case of power failure it can be used as independent/alternate energy source (off-grid). It is environmental friendly as it doesn’t cause any pollution and it is renewable as the unlimited source of free power is the sun, unlike harmful fossil fuels which are also expensive.
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