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Solar Pathfinder: what is it and how does it work?

The Solar Pathfinder is an easy to use tool without electronic parts to perform an accurate shading assessment of solar installations.

What does the Solar Pathfinder specifically test?

The shading assessment is part of the solar site analysis. The tool is popular with solar panel installers and can be used worldwide.

It will show exactly where the sun will travel throughout the year. It can help to determine which location is suitable to install solar panels, as it shows you how much shading you can expect over the course of the day. It measures and shows data not just during the day when you perform the measurement, but during any day / season.

Solar Pathfinder kit, Source:

How does the Solar Pathfinder work?

The Solar Pathfinder doesn’t require any specific weather circumstances to work. It can be used in both cloudy and clear weather, and during anytime of the day.

After placing the Solar Pathfinder at the desired location, you will see a reflection of your site from the perspective of the solar panels. Any obstacle that will block sunlight can be clearly seen in this reflection, and it will tell you when these obstacles will block the sunlight.

With the help of these readings you can determine the best position for the installation of solar panels. The best position is of course the location with optimal sun and minimal shading.

Solar Pathfinder dome, source:

Software – Pathfinder Assistant Software

To make an accurate solar site analysis, the data collected with the Solar Pathfinder can be combined with published global weather data. The manufacturer is selling a separate software in which all data can be integrated called the Pathfinder Assistant Software.

What are the common applications for the Solar Pathfinder?

The Solar Pathfinder is currently being used in photovoltaic applications, as well as ecological, architectural and thermal projects.
A video demo introduces in more detail its functions:

More info on the Solar Pathfinder manufacturer’s website here

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