Reduce Gas and Electricity Bills

Tips to Reduce Gas and Electricity Bills

The increase in population and changing weather conditions are forcing energy companies to raise the annual electricity and gas prices. An average household is spending about £1,200 per annum. Fortunately, with simple steps and spending a few moments it will help reduce gas and electricity bills and save money.
  1. Switching providers

There is an increase in the variable tariffs offered by energy companies. According to data, more than 60% do not remember the last time they switched to a different energy provider. It is preferable to compare among different providers and choose the one offering the best price.
  1. Paying through the proper method

Using proper methods helps in saving hundreds of pounds. For example, paying through cash or cheque is convenient than debit or credit cards. On an average, it is possible to save £70 on gas and £50 on electricity for an average house on monthly expenditure. Internet banking is also another way to reduce the excess cost involved.
  1. Controlling the heat

About 2/3rd of energy consumption in the UK homes is to heat homes. If there is an addition of water and dishwasher heating, the average cost increases drastically. A better way to lower the bills is by reducing the thermostat, timing the heating sensibly, and heating the required rooms appropriately and at required temperatures.
  1. Using cheap energy sources

Using cheap energy sources is another means to reduce gas and electricity bills. For example, the cost of usable heat is low for wood, kerosene, and heat pumps. However, one should think about the upfront costs involved in setting these products. Those on the gas grid, focusing on heating rooms in a timely fashion helps in reducing the bills.
  1. Installing Dimmer Switches

Using dimmer switches is an excellent way to reduce energy consumption. It gives the opportunity to adjust the light according to the requirement, which automatically lowers electricity consumption.
  1. Eliminating standby products

A lot of electronic devices in the house such as television, laptop, desktop, audio systems, DVD player, modem, and others draw power when they are in stand-by mode. Killing the switches when not in use helps in reducing the power consumption and saving a few pounds every month.
  1. Switching to Energy Star appliances

Replacing older appliances with energy star models helps in reducing energy consumption, which further reduces the electricity or gas bills. Scheduled HVAC maintenance also aids in increasing efficiency of the product.
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