Solar Storage Cost

How Much Does Solar Storage Cost? Understanding Solar Battery Prices

When using solar energy, one often has to be mindful of solar storage cost. As the price of energy continues to increase manifold, a lot of them have turned to solar power. Storing the excess solar power to utilize at night time  is a common practice  these days.

Understanding the battery size

Before determining the cost of solar storage and the price of a solar battery, it is first important to understand the wattage and power that would be required for the home. The pricing would depend a great deal on the power output chosen. Mostly, it is seen that the price of solar battery storage tends to start from $5000 while if you have a bigger home and more energy requirements, the cost could shift up to $10000 a year or even more as well.

Smaller requirements

When solar energy is simply needed to be stored so it could be used later , when the appliances cannot tap the sunlight any more, one can do with smaller battery like the Enphase. Here, the cost would be less but then again, this won’t light up all the points and it won’t help you have a completely solar home. Those who want to have their home run entirely on solar power with the provision of backup as well, they will need to opt for larger battery. This would definitely entail a significantly higher cost. But when you compare it with the electricity cost otherwise in the long run, it might end up being a smarter choice. There are a lot of people who are skeptical about setting up solar powered homes simply because of the initially high installation cost. However, there are lease options available to deal with the high initial expenses. Over a period of time, the energy output and the cost of solar power ends up balancing the massive initial expense and might even turn out to be an economical choice in the long run.

Here is a rough idea for the pricing of solar battery

The enphase AC battery of size 1.2 kWh would cost $2000 which comes fully installed. Soltaro 2 (2 kWh) and Pylontech US2000B (2.4 kWh) cost even less and are priced at $1700 and $1999 respectively. All other options tend to cost more as the SolaX 3.3 with a power of 3.5kWh is going to cost $5390 and the Akasol neeoQube with a power rating of 5.5 kWh can set you back by as much a $12000. So, solar battery cost is directly dependent on the battery size and power and one should make it a point to determine the cost and efficiency trade off and decide the form of electricity they wish to install at their home.  
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