The Right System Installer

How to choose the right solar system installer

Choosing the right solar system installer is very integral to ensuring that you make the most of this renewable source of energy. When you are looking to tap solar energy and you want to have solar system  installer at your place, here are some of the important points you should take into consideration.

The Certification

Different countries have various certifications as a means to standardize the equipment. So, you should check out the details of the solar system installer certification and whether or not, they seem to be an apt choice. Also, the person who would come to install it at your place should be a professional and certified to do the job or else it may cause leakage and subsequent troubles. When buying in the US, check out the NABCEP certification as this is a reputable and reliable certificate. There is another accreditation which is the pre-screened solar pro and it is a good test to ensure quality check.

The Company Details

It is important to thoroughly research about the company that deals in solar panels. There are plenty of companies and not all enjoy the best reputation. When buying solar system installer, you should always stick to a company that enjoys a healthy reputation. The best companies will always send skilled installers to do the work for you. You can seek help from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as they can disclose the details of any formal complaints that may have been installed against a firm.

The Warranty

This is another vital factor which you should definitely weigh in your equation. Make it a point to check out the warranty being offered and the things which are covered in the warranty. This will help you be sure that you are putting your money in the right product. The workmanship warranty varies anything from one to ten years. Some inverters come with short warranties others may cover as much as 25 years. So, check the details well before finalizing the solar panel you would like to have installed.

Multiple quotes

If you want to curtail your overall expenses and rest assured that you are spending the right money, you can take quotes from multiple companies and make sure to weigh in all details meticulously. EnergySage is a great choice for those who are looking to make accurate comparisons. There is also another service called UndertsandSolar which can be helpful. So, check out these points and you should be able to spot the right system installer. Sometimes it is the little extra effort which saves hassles in the long run for you!
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